Do you make gluten free cakes / cupcakes?

Sorry we do not. We do however make several gluten free muffins, scones, caramels and desserts.

Do you offer dairy free items?

Our pumpkin loaf and granola are dairy free.

Do any items not have eggs?

All of our scones are egg free. The sea salt caramels are also egg free as well as our Turron dessert.

Would you make a special family recipe for me?

We only use our tried and true recipes sorry.

How do I order a cake?

Easy! Just take a look at our standard cake menu and pick a size ,flavor, filling and frosting. Then click Order OnLine and it will prompt you to enter the date, time, and prepay for your cake.

Do I need to order if i want a dozen?

We bake all day in small batches so when we have 5 left we make another 12. Click order Online on our website and it will allow you to order any amount of pastries. We are happy to pop those in the oven for you. Most items take 20-30 minutes.

Can I call in a sandwich order?

Of course! They take 10 minutes on our flat press so if you are in rush please call it in and we will get it started for you.

Where does your coffee come from?

All of our coffee and espresso is from Gavina Coffee company about 2 hours away. The Gavina family started their business in Cuba in 1870  and moved it to California in 1967. They are close family friends and we are so lucky to have such amazing coffee to brew for you.

Do your coffee beans come from Cuba?

No they do not. They come from all over the world. The espresso we use is an Old Havana Roast and our house coffee is a blend of Columbian & Double French.

Do you make donations to local charities?

We donate to 5 events a month and try to keep it local as it is our customer base. The teenage cancer support group SOMBFAB at Rady Children’s is a monthly meeting we have been donating to since 2011. There are at least 20 requests a month for donations so if yu have an event please email vivian@iloveazucar.com as early as possible. Donations are email only so please do not stop by the bakery for these inquiries.

Do you sell giftcards?

Yes we sell giftcards in the store and on the website click Order Online and it’s the last category.

I’m bringing my dog, do you have outside seating?

Yes we have 3 tables outside.

Monday – Friday 
7 am-4 pm
Saturday & Sunday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

4820 Newport Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
Phone: 619 523-2020
Email. vivian@iloveazucar.com

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Azúcar is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for Vivian Hernandez-Jackson. Vivian has combined her classical French training with her Cuban roots to develop a unique product line of desserts and pastries that combines traditional favorites with new flavors and designs.