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  • Chocolate Naked Style Cake
  • 9 Inch Short Rainbow Sprinkles All Over
  • Naked Cakes
    6" tall feeds 15  
  • Short Cake w/crystal sugar
  • 9"short cake frosted in toasted marshmallow

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

6″short – Feeds 8, $42.00 | 9″short – Feeds 18, $55.00 | 9″tall – Feeds 30, $75.00 | 

These cakes are finished in dark or white chocolate sprinkles, coconut, or crystal sugar and printed chocolate pieces.

Special Instructions


Cupcakes Flavors

Cupcake flavors  – 1 dozen minimum per flavor

Mini Cupcakes are 2 dozen per order .     Minis are not filled in the middle.

Dark Chocolate cake – vanilla, old fashioned fudge, peanut butter frosting, coconut or toasted marshmallow frosting
Coconut cake – coconut cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut
Vanilla Raspberry – passion fruit vanilla frosting
Carrot cake – vanilla cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut shavings on the edges
Lemon cupcake – lemon curd in the middle and lemon cream cheese frosting
Key Lime Pie Cupcake – key lime pie filling in the middle, lime cream cheese frosting, and graham cracker crumbs
Vanilla cupcake – vanilla bean frosting , old fashioned fudge


Flavor Combinations

Cake + Filling

Chocolate cake + Chocolate mousse + Cocoa bean brittle or Chocolate chips
Vanilla butter cake + Passionfruit cream + Raspberries 
Coconut cake + Coconut cream cheese frosting
Cuban rum cake + Dulce de leche
Carrot cake + Cream cheese frosting
Lemon cake + Lemon curd


Orders & Notice

All cake & large dessert orders require 3 full days notice at minimum. If we are booked it will be posted on the online ordering page. Please always order your cake early as we do become booked on busy weekends. Click Order Online to purchase your cake.



If a cancellation is made less than 4 days prior, the balance is due in full. No changes can be made to invoices less than 4 days prior to pickup day.



If an order is not picked up within 48 hours of original time it will be disposed of.



Please click Order Online on the upper right hand corner of our website to place a standard cake order.It will prompt you to enter date,time,and payment

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Azúcar is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for Vivian Hernandez-Jackson. Vivian has combined her classical French training with her Cuban roots to develop a unique product line of desserts and pastries that combines traditional favorites with new flavors and designs.